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NC Consumer Health Freedom Act


The History of NC Senate Bill 31

August 17, 2011

Feb 2 2011   S31 filed (version 1)

March 3        Senate reported favorably on S31 which had been amended in Senate Judiciary Committee (version 2)

March 7        S31 passed second and third readings in Senate

March 9        S31 referred to House Judiciary Subcommittee B

March 30      House Judiciary comm reported favorably on S31 V2, after two committee meeting discussions (March 16 & 30; the latter discussion was very brief, no citizen comment allowed)

April 7          NC House adopted the Weiss amendment to S31 (after 4 postponements), passed second and third readings, and forwarded the bill to the Senate

(General Assembly website provides amendment, does not provide an updated bill version)

April 14         NC Senate failed to concur with S31 including Weiss amendment (after 3 postponements)

April 19-20    A conference committee was appointed for S31.

May 25        Conference Committee reports “any person so practicing without being duly licensed and registered in this State shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.  Any person so practicing without being duly licensed and registered in this State and who falsely represents himself or herself in a manner as being licensed or registered under this Article or any Article of this Chapter shall be guilty of a Class 1 felony.”

June 3          NC House adopts Conference Committee report dated May 25 2011.

June 8         Conference Committee re-issues report, Senate adopts.

June 9         Original Conference Report vote reconsidered by House then withdrawn

June 13       New Conference Report adopted by House

June 14       New Conference Report ratified and sent to Governor

June 23       Signed by Governor Perdue (Ch. SL. 211-194)

S31 does not change the law for unlicensed persons. (“any person so practicing without being duly licensed and registered in this State shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor”). S31 does change the penalty for false representation and also for out-of-state practitioners to a Class 1 felony.

For detailed NC S-31 history and bill language, see the General Assembly website

March 29, 2011


I am expressing the concern of S31 and the phrase, how “practicing medicine without a license” could affect educational information we share in our Health Food Store and Alternative health care practitioners who offer unlicensed healing modalities.  This broad definition of “Practicing Medicine without a License” could impose on our freedom of speech. Allopathic medicine could limit how we address individuals seeking information on the historical uses of herbs and supplements imposing felony charges on a modality  that has a safe history.

May you consider adding the language from last year’s 2009 session for clarification of the two types of modalities  introduced by Citizens for Healthcare Freedom.

Natural and alternative health information should be a viable option for the citizens of North Carolina; therefore, we should be allowed to continue to do so as long as they provide appropriate disclosures (see 2009 H842 disclosures below).

Although H 842 from the 2009 session is not active, please consider the intent and involvement of its many sponsors, and consider adding this language to S31.  Similar health freedom laws exist in eight states: Idaho, Oklahoma, Minnesota, California, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Those of us in the Natural Health field would welcome the opportunity to address the subcommittee.

Respectfully submitted,
Claiborne R. Holtzman
Past President of Citizens for Health Care Freedom
Business owner:
Rocky Mount, NC

The time has come for YOU to protect your rights and get involved in Citizens for Healthcare Freedom (CHF) and the passage of North Carolina’s The Consumer Health Freedom Act.

What is The NC Consumer Health Freedom Act? An amendment to the NC medical licensing law to protect the right to choose nutritional supplements and access alternative, holistic, complementary, or natural health providers or practitioners. The legislation would protect the right of health care providers to offer their services legally and safely, without fear of being prosecuted for “practicing medicine without a license” in NC.

What is the Issue? Our natural healthcare rights could be challenged without the passage of this House Bill. As consumers we could possibly face natural supplementation being handled entirely at the discretion of a doctor’s prescription, the FDA or pharmaceutical companies in the near future. To ensure you, your clients and the citizens of NC can continue the right and freedom to control what happens to your bodies, choose your own health paths, and make your own health choices as you see fit.

Citizens for Healthcare Freedom (CHF) is YOUR grassroots organization in North Carolina lobbying to PROTECT your legal RIGHTS to access and choose vitamins, herbal supplements and holistic practitioners.  CHF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported solely by membership dues and donations.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Support Us! Please support our vision of a health freedom state and a sustainable community.  Sign our Petition below and click on the Membership link to join or contribute with a credit card or download the form and mail in with a check.  It’s imperative we raise funds immediately to cover the costs and expenses needed to pass The Consumer Health Freedom Act in the 2009-2010 Legislative Session.

You can personally choose to be a part of this historic movement to protect our health care freedom.  So, please give generously, contact us if you have any questions and we welcome all volunteers.  Protect you and your family’s health freedom!

Thanks for your support!


Mike Causey, Executive Director

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