Rebuttal on Latest Attack on Dietary Supplements

By now, you have probably read the headlines such as “Vitamins May Shorten Users’ Lives,” “Vitamins may increase risk of death,” or “Vitamins A, C and E are ‘a waste of time and may even shorten your life.”


These biased articles are based on the latest Cochrane review which more or less copies the JAMA paper from February 2007. 


Unfortunately, bad science and misleading media stories are confusing consumers.  As dietary supplements become more popular and threaten the bottom line of traditional medicine and Big Pharma, we see more and more studies and articles that try to convince the public that dietary supplements are useless, unregulated, or even deadly. 


Often these studies are superficial and if you scratch the surface you can see the bad science and inaccurate reporting.  AAHF’s international affiliate, Alliance for Natural Health details some of the reasons why this latest round of headlines are based on bad science.


The article highlights are below describing why it’s bad science:


1. This isn’t new.


2. This isn’t research.


3. This isn’t meaningful.


4. This applies only to synthetic forms of vitamins (as produced by the pharmaceutical industry).


5. Natural vitamins and minerals are lifesavers.


6. Over the top on synthetics!


7. Two bites at the cherry.


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April 20, 2008   Posted in: General News & Information

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