Health Freedom – One of the Top Ten Concerns of the Public!

President Obama, before his inauguration, asked people to vote on his “Change.Org” website on the top issues of interest to them.  After the voting was complete, it was obvious that Natural Health Freedom was on teh minds of many of the respondents!

Health Freedom Among Top Concerns, Americans Tell Obama in Poll

“Health Freedom – the right to determine what happens to one’s own body – stands out as one of the ‘Top Ten’ ideas at Spearheaded by the efforts of Natural Solutions Foundation’s 190,000+ supporters, ‘Health Freedom’ was voted as one of the Top Ten issues to be considered by the incoming Obama Administration. Because of its strong showing, Health Freedom is now mounted on the ‘Citizens BriefingBook’ section of the official Obama transition web site, As with, voting at takes place when people register and vote for an idea or concept. On both sites the concept is called ‘Health Freedom is Our First Freedom!’ to emphasize that without the right to control one’s own body, there is no other meaningful freedom. This definition of a First Freedom caught the attention of large numbers of people who created a viral internet sensation urging their friends and colleagues to express the same sentiment by voting on both sites.”

As we work for Health Freedom rights here in North Carolina, it is gratifying to know that the public has validated this as an issue that is on the minds of many citizens throughout the country!

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