Our Vision

“Standing for the rights and freedom of North Carolinians to access and have choices in natural and traditional healthcare services and products. Promoting and protecting the safety and purity of our natural resources. Providing information, awareness and educational opportunities to support individuals and families in making well-informed healthcare decisions.”

A Message from Our President:As President of CHF, it is my commitment to the members of this organization and the people of NC that I’ll do everything in my power to ensure we pass the necessary legislation to have access and freedom to choose complementary and alternative healthcare products and services.Organic foods, vitamins, homeopathy, herbal supplements, etc. are abundantly available to us now through various health food stores, the Internet, retail stores, and healthcare practitioners in our state. We also are free to choose among our many licensed and unlicensed healing arts professionals for our healthcare preferences. Let’s keep it that way.

The first step to guarantee these choices will continue to be accessible is to pass “The NC Consumer Health Freedom Act” House Bill 1358 in 2008. HB 1358 is an amendment to the medical licensing law that allows the practice of complementary and alternative forms of health care. This is an important piece of legislation.

A special committee was recently appointed to study and investigate the need for this legislation and report back to the Speaker of the House. Their findings stated as many as 3,300,000 North Carolinians presently receive a substantial volume of health care services from complementary and alternative health care providers. Passing HB 1358 will allow professional alternative health care providers to offer their valuable services legally and safely, creating a safer environment for the practice of alternative healthcare and ensuring that you are free to select the broadest possible range of health care modalities.

Become a part of the statewide-network advocating for your healthcare freedom. Here’s what YOU can do for YOUR HEALTH FREEDOM

  • Get involved! Become a member of NCCHF!
  • Volunteer – every one counts and is needed!
  • Spread the Word!
  • Sign our Petition – Support our goal of 10,000 signatures by May 2008
  • Support our goal to raise $100,000 to:
    • Lobby the NC Legislature
    • Educate consumers
    • Protect our Rights
  • Join our mailing list to stay informed!
  • Check out our website at www.ncchf.org for the latest news, projects and how you can help.

Working together, we can improve and maintain our right to make our own healthcare choices.

Your interest, involvement and financial support in Citizens for Healthcare Freedom in North Carolina are critical to moving forward with HB 1358.

May good health be yours,
Claiborne Holzmann
Naturopathic Practitioner